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Hello Users,This is my Official Website,I am Saumya,Introducing yourself to the world of Digital Marketing,Here You will get update regarding digital world with latest trends and updates.

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With the changing world,i need to match my step with this changes,so i decide to learn digital marketing and express my ideas,opinion with my blogs,starting my journey of digital era with my own blogging website,i hope you will love,spread love.

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Introduction to the Event Management

Introduction to event management  Event management means in simple words to manage an event,it is the process of planning an event.Event management involves overseeing all logistics leading up to and during an event,Event managers execute the events plan by...

Introduction To the Digital World

              Why Your Marketing Never Works Out The Way You Plan The Fundamentals Of Marketing Some questions might arise in your mind what is digital marketing? How to be successful marketer?Why its...